a new, more responsible way of consuming water

We intend to create a new form of more conscious consumption and alert to the environmental problem caused by the excessive use of disposable plastic, thus helping consumers to create reuse habits and to make a practical commitment to preserve the environment.

Every year 85 billion PET bottles are thrown away, 6 billion kilograms of plastic are thrown into the oceans.

"If the use of plastics worldwide continues, by 2050 there is more plastic than fish, by weight, in the sea."

ECO partners with Xico Gaivota

Portuguese plastic artist, deeply involved with the environmental cause. With a strong connection to the Sea, it has always been actively promoting the collection of plastics from the Oceans, creating unique pieces of art, without ever manipulating the fragments it reuses.

"My work is not only what you see, it is essentially what you cannot see"

Xico Gaivota

Be part of this movement

The #PURIFY by ECO movement in collaboration with artist XICO GAIVOTA and OCEANÁRIO DE LISBOA invite you to participate in the construction of a huge collaborative work of art that aims to raise awareness of the excessive consumption of disposable plastic.

The work will be exhibited in Lisbon's Oceanário Lake, in April, in the year that the city is European Green Capital and during another edition of Planetiers World Gathering - the largest sustainable innovation event in the world.

To build this huge piece, we will need to collect 500,000 disposable water bottles and we need your help.

From February, you will find our bottle collection deposits at 360 Pingo Doce stores and at more than 150 Eco-Schools, where you can place the disposable water bottles that you no longer use.

The bottle collection period will only take place between February and March.

Find the nearest collection point.
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